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March 19, 2013
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Rain poured down, pounding against the earth in a barrage of needle sharp attacks, that, despite the harmless look, would likely be acidic and painful should it ever touch the flesh. It was dark, shrouded in mist and a thick feeling of uneasiness, like every day in the Shadow Isle. The trees glowed a faint blue, like electricity that was dulled, flowing through the branches and providing some sort of light. In the distance, the soft howling and wailing of souls who were being taken in by death echoed through the trees. It was a sound that the ears grew accustomed to after so long. Living here, it became a comforting sound, as if a reminder that the world was in tact. It was there, in that place of darkness and hollow cries of despair, shrouded in thick fog, that the Queen of Spiders called home.

Elise breathed in deeply, the scent, which could not be described by words captured in the English language, was like a glowing blue aura, that flowed through her body and gave her life. It was always like this, the feeling of rejuvenation and power, when brining her followers to the Shadow Isle. Of course, it was her favorite thing, drawing in followers like flies in a web, the promises of life and safety in a world of turmoil too sweet to be ignored by humanity. Oh, their fragility, their weak souls, so desperate to be saved from themselves… The thought made her smile, a grin of sharp teeth barring behind dark red lips, which curled upwards a lovely show of sensuality. 'Nothing,' She thought to herself, 'was a good as this.'

The Shadow Isle was known for death, nothing else. Where Demacia held peace, and brought forth light and hope, the Isle was the mirror opposite, as if someone had turned it upside down on it's head, and the Shadow Isle was what remained. Nothing alive would stay, the only real activity was Yorick, who brought the dead to the island, a ferryman, if you will. In fact, Elise was the only living thing on the Isle, a fact that did not escape her. There were times when, despite the feel of belonging, and the peace that radiated from the cold ambiance, there were the feelings of unease.  These raw waves of fear were random, sporadic, coming and going with no rhyme or reason, ultimately leaving her in cold sweats of terror, hiding in a small alcove where Vilemaw slept.

These moments of… weakness, were becoming more and more frequent, taking it's toll in small ways at first, before becoming noticeable, even by the small spiders that skittered around her heels. Shadows would set her off, startling her with a gasp, the fear reaching up her body and gripping her heart, cold fingers wrapping around her throat, choking her. It was several moon cycles since it had persisted that the fear began to break Elise's will. Visits back to her main island to feed Vilemaw became more frequent, partly because of the need to give Vilemaw more strength, but, if she was being honest with herself,  it was the desire to be free from the fear clawing at her heart. Her followers, who were so swayed by her charming, charismatic manner, began to drift away, scared off by her nervous eyes and jumping hysterics. It was not until the night of the New Moon when she became fully aware of the mystery surrounding her fright.

The darkness was thick, in fact, so thick, that Elise had trouble making out whether it was night or day. The electric blue that flowed through the roots of trees, and caused the flowers to glow an eerie light was dimmed. Her heels dug into the ground, the sharp points that took precision and skill to balance on wobbled nervously. With her eyes frantically searching the shadows, looking for something to kill, but to no avail. Vilemaw wailed in the distance, the song that once caused her to feel at peace only brought her fear. Something was wrong. This was not the wailing of her God. No, this was a cry for help. She cursed, shifting into the form of a large spider. The fear she felt vanished, as if blown away by a gentle breeze, all that remained was anger, blind rage and hatred. She was the Queen of Spiders, no creature, living or dead, could harm her.

With speed not reachable by mortal feet, her long legs carried her body, whipping through the forest so fast that her spider minions couldn't follow. With a loud screech, she opened her mouth, and flashed her fangs, the poison dripping to the ground  and sizzling where it landed. Nearing the entrance to the cave in which her God rested, she shifted back into her more human like form, continuing to dash forward without breaking a stride. Through the black trees, which usually were ablaze with bright blue auras,  a glowing green figure stood, motionless save for the green whips of light that hovered around his body. Elise's running came to a slow walk, that same sense of fear, the feeling of no hope, of death, was so strong that she almost buckled over. Instead, a small shiver ran through her spine, and as if the glowing specter saw the small gesture of fear, a smile fell to his face. Her legs carried her forward, though her mind was unwilling to continue. His draw was frightening, but oddly sensual, in a way Elise had never known. Who, but herself, could frighten and fascinate those whose eyes befell on them? Her feet stopped, pulling her out of her reverie, and her eyes glanced upwards tentatively.

The ghost, up close, towered over her body, which suddenly seemed much smaller next to him, even with her heels. This chemistry, the mixture of fascination and fear, was intoxicating, leaving the spider queen in awe appraising him. They were a few feet away when the he, or it, -she hadn't quite figured out which yet- closed the distance between them with a long stride. His aura of green that surrounded his head blew back like fire, before returning to it's original place. No one said a word. Elise, who stared up at him, was too fixated on the terror and excitement she felt being close to him, and the ghost merely looked down and watched her study it's every detail. The minutes ticked by, as she gazed into the glowing fire like substance, appraising his attire, and noting his choice of weapon. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the specter stared directly into her eyes, and spoke.

"You're falling apart…" His voice was deep, like the sound of a nightmare, and she shivered, with glee or fear, she couldn't differentiate. "What to do with the pieces." The sound was haunting, burning itself into her brain, replaying over and over again like a broken tune that Sona would play on the Etwahl, but more soothing, and yet... electrifying.  Elise's breath hitched in her throat, which caused the glowing figure to smile menacingly.

"Dangling by a thread…" She whispered, her eyes tracing over the pattern of his face, his clothes, everything about him. "Why so tense? Relax." She urged, circling around him slowly. Oh, she was enjoying this, seeing this nightmare from every angle, memorizing every detail. Her slender fingers brushed against the mask, and she shuddered against the cool feeling of the material. Her normal coy personality was gone, only a hollow shell left as she feigned strength in her teases. A chuckle came from beneath the glowing green flames, a sound so unexpected that she jumped slightly, her claws sinking in to the thick fabric.

"I could say the same thing to you, Elise." The way he said her name made her face flush, coming from this dark creature, was so sensual and erotic in a way that shouldn't be sexual at all. Her heart skipped two beats, and with a shaky breath, she finished her circle around him. Standing in front of him again, she breathed out again, though it sounded more like a hiss, and he chuckled. Leaning forward, the green flame flickered back like smoke and wind, his hollow eyes never breaking eye contact. With his face next to her ear, his deep voice, though rough, flowed like dark chocolate, deadly and tempting, he whispered "Relax…" The word came off like a promise, knowing her weakness to him, and she could almost feel the cold smile that was radiating from him. Elise's knees buckled, and just as quickly, as if expecting it, his arms, cold like ice, slipped around her waist, and pulled her upwards. With an ungraceful slip, she was pulled towards his body, flush against his chest, starring upwards. "...Just let go…" He whispered.

Just like that, her fear vanished, left behind with her shaky knees, and fluttering heart. Just like that, she stood up straight, pressing her body against the ghost, and though her body was strong, neither moved away. A grin spread on his face, seeing the change in her and that haunting laugh electrified her body, sensual and dark at the same time. Elise pressed herself against him in a feeble attempt to be closer, and sooth the electricity that felt like the blue glow flowing through the trees and flowers. Without warning his bony fingers, chilling her skin, clasped around her neck and pulled her close, his breath was rough and ragged, as if he shared the same electricity she felt coursing through her veins. After a pause, he bit her ear, nibbling softly before trailing down to her neck, and inhaling the scent. Leaving soft marks, like the kisses of spiders, he continued to whisper against her skin, reaching her collar bone, and tracing back upwards. Occasionally, he would bite down into the skin, causing her to cry out in a whimper. His fingers traced her curves, soft, delicate in some places, stroking her cheek, and rough in others, as he cupped her breasts. It felt like forever when the ghost whispered his name, Thresh, and she repeated it, the sound was haunting coming from her lips. A dark laugh echoed, and the electricity buzzed loudly in her head. Perhaps it was just the dizziness she felt, but his fire was glowing a brighter green than ever before.

In one fell swoop of his hand, he pulled her close, her lips pressed against the cold bone mask that he wore, his fingers entwined in her hair, pulling her closer. The electricity surged, as it became fiercer, the rough desperation to become closer was more passionate. He moved downwards, and bit her neck, drawing blood. Elise cried out his name, which only added fuel to the fire, and his glowing aura flashed brighter than ever. His laugh, which was usually reserved, nothing more than a small chuckle, echoed loudly, a hint of madness behind it, which made it all the more exhilarating.

"You are mine now, Elise." Thresh's voice was deep, and dark, filled with such possession. "You're my toy, my plaything." The words ignited fire in the pit of her stomach, and she let out a breathy whimper, staring into his bright eyes, that flashed with something primal. "Your soul, your body… everything. You belong to me, my pet." She breathed heavily, her heart pounding so hard that she feared it might burst out of her chest. With a shaky whisper, she replied.

"Yes, my lord."
A One Shot with Elise the Spider Queen and Thresh the Chain Warden, from League of Legends! All characters and settings are not mine, they belong to Riot and League of Legends. Just a short little drabble that came to me today. This story was inspired by the picture which can be found here! Check it out! [link] :iconevil-accret: is amazing!
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I love you. It was very good =D Although i personally can't ship em, i think this story was good enough for me to see a great Aesthetic for them to be together.
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really nice!
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This picture, is amazing. The story, is amazing. And why?

It has a great plot.
It descripes the characters so deeply and detailed, that we (atleast I) can see clearly what's happening in the story, like it was a film.
It's erotic, yet also shy, tempting and gentle.

All in all. This is a bloody amazing piece of work, and I can only hope you'll make a sequel to this one. Well done!
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You... you are the most amazing person ever, and this comment was the most amazing thing ever. Thank you so so much!!
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